At Sunshine we take a holistic approach to learning and child development; each of our rooms are filled with a wealth of resources, providing unlimited opportunities which allow children to grow, learn and develop in a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment. The purposefully resource filled surroundings allow for a good mix of child-led and structured play in a way that promotes imagination and independent thought through exploration.

Each child at Sunshine has their own key person; a practitioner who makes it their duty to truly get to know the child, their interests and their personality. It is the job of the child’s key person to ensure that they are settled, happy and stimulated; to monitor their progress and work closely with parents to ensure that what we do at Sunshine complements the home routine and vice versa.

Through observed knowledge of individual children, their interests are encouraged and facilitated through plans made by their key person and our practitioners are able to develop and modify activities and play opportunities in ways to encourage target areas of development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).