Healthy Eating/Nutrition

At Sunshine we understand that a well balanced and nutritious diet is a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle and our menus reflect this. We follow a 4 week rotating menu, ensuring that children are exposed to a wide variety of healthy and diverse nutritious meals and snacks. The meals we serve are prepared fresh each day by our cook and are nutritionally balanced with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, with low added salt and sugar.

Mealtimes allow the children to develop their independence, communication skills and to learn good manners and acceptable social skills. Our older children help to set out the tables for meals and help with preparing snacks, whilst the younger ones enjoy eating, exploring different flavours and textures, and practicing using cutlery to feed themselves.

Fresh water is always available for the children to help themselves to, it’s important that they keep themselves well hydrated with all of the running around they do outside and the energetic play they’re involved with inside too.

FHealthy Eating Picture