About Us

Sunshine was established in 1989 by Sonia and Gary Hawthorne alongside Sonia’s parents Henry and Theresa, all of whom initially lived upstairs with Sonia and Gary’s eldest son Josh. In the years since then over 1000 children have passed through our doors; we’ve grown and developed, with a number of extensions and increased outdoor space and an increase in our staff numbers.

Things have changed drastically over the years with regards to frameworks and best practice guidelines laid out by the 5 different governments that we’ve seen over this time, but the principles underpinning what we do at Sunshine remain the same – to provide a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment in which your children can grow and develop.

We have some second-generation children with us, their parents some of the very first children at Sunshine; this continuation and stability that we’re able to provide makes us very proud and we feel that it speaks volumes about the warm, friendly service that we provide.

The team of knowledgeable and caring practitioners at Sunshine are what set us apart, many of them having been with us for a great number of years, highlighting their dedication to the children, to Sunshine and what it means to them to be part of what we do here. The team are the ones who create the warm, happy and welcoming atmosphere at Sunshine and ensure that all of the children in our care are settled, content and well cared for. Find out more about them all in the ‘Our Team’ section of the website.